About Me


I graduated with a bachelor’s in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California in 2013. I started at the campus in San Francisco and transferred to the North Hollywood campus to finish up my degree. During my time in school I developed my typography skills, and thought a lot about branding, and how to make it a workable, living system instead of just logos slapped on products. During the time between schools, I reconnected with an old friend whom I eventually married and have a daughter with and now, I am also a proud step dad to a very intelligent step daughter. Beyond being a family man and designer, I’m also a front end web designer, and photographer. I didn’t go to school for photography, I learned photography the really old-fashioned way, I was raised as an apprentice to my dad, who has been a professional photojournalist since before I was born. So from the second I was able to hold a camera, I was taking pictures.

Contact me

I’m currently available for either freelance work, or full-time work. Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.